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The Shri. Shivaji Raigad Smarak Mandal (SSRSM) was founded by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1886. The SSRSM undertook the task of making the Fort Raigad more accessible to the people. In 1990, the then Government of Maharashtra, accepted the proposal of SSRSM for the construction of a ropeway. M/s Triveni, a construction firm of Naini, Allahabad, an undertaking of the Central Government submitted a proposal of Rs. 8 Crores for the project. The project was a non-starter due to the prohibitive cost and requirement of foreign exchange.
Completion of the Project: In 1994, Jog Engineering Limited (JEL), in the national interest undertook to construct this awe-inspiring ropeway with their own personal investment, by entering into a Build, Operate and Transfer Agreement (BOT) with SSRSM. In spite of several formidable difficulties, the project was completed on 3rd April 1996 and was inaugurated by (Late) Prof. Rajendrasinhji, the then Sarasanghchalak, RSS. The cost of construction was Rs. 3.1 Crores only, as compared to Rs. 8 Crores as quoted by the government agency. The shackles of inaccessibility were broken and the impregnable Fort was brought within easy reach of all-the young children, the old and the disabled alike. A dream fulfilled at last!

Ropeway Package: It includes a visit to the Museum located at Lower Station of Fort Raigad. The Museum has been created with the help of renowned historians like Shri. Babasaheb Purandare, Shri. Ninadji Bedekar and others. It displays photographs of various forts in Shivaji's empire, artifacts, farmans and weapons used in those historic times. The visit to the Museum is followed by a Film Show on Fort Raigad. The educative film is tastefully created by a team of historians and provides a preview of various aspects of the monument that the tourist is about to see. This value addition makes the trip very memorable and meaningful. A conducted tour of the Fort gives in-depth information to the tourists, besides answering their queries.

Founder: (Late) Shri V. M. Jog

Construction commenced: November 1994

Costruction completed: March 1996

Cost of the project: Rs. 3.1412 Crores (as of March 2002)

Inaugurated by: (Late) Prof. Rajendrasinghji, Sarsanghchalak, RSS.

Vertical height: 420 metres

Rope length: 760 metres

Electrical motor capacity: 70 HP

Cabin weight: 100 kg. Each

Backup/safety measures: On failure of electricity provision of generator, diesel engine and manual operation. Stranded passengers can be safely transported by using rescue ropeway.

Since February 2004 the ropeway is being operated and maintained by Millennium Properties (P) Limited.


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