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Running a tourism business, as you all know, is complex.
What we are selling is an intangible product that must be bought blind because it cannot be seen, touched or experienced by the consumer before use. Buying a holiday is like buying a bar of chocolate; only memories are left after the product is consumed.
We are selling a discretionary product, meaning that the clients do not have to buy it in the same way that they do food or fuel. When finances are tight or during a recession, they may choose to spend their money that would have gone on a holiday on other consumer durables such as a compact disc player or new washing machine.
It is not a heterogeneous product. You could buy a refrigerator like your neighbour’s and expect it to look identical and operate in exactly the same way, but holidays are by their very nature varied. Anyone coming to Konkan tour will have a different experience whether they come in July or October, even if they went with the same operator, stayed in the same hotels and ate at the same restaurants.
It is a perishable product.
Package holidays suffer from inseparability. The behaviour of everyone involved in the product, from the hotel porter to the vehicle driver can have an effect on the outcome of the experience. If we purchase a washing machine, our enjoyment of the product will not be reduced by an irritating plumber who installs it.
Objectives Of Purna Travels:
Incorporated in 2008, Purna Travels is currently one of the leading travel agency which conducts tours to Konkan.
With continuous growth of business, the company remains committed to provide its valued clients one stop solution for all of their travel needs in Konkan.
Travelling with Purna you arrive your destination with such great ease that the weariness of the journey doesn't exist there to bother you. You'll not only be turned up in Konkan but sight-seeing tours that'll give you an insight into the alluring valley are also arranged. Journey with Purna Travels will definitely turn out to be a journey of many lifetimes.
Our mission is to strengthen the travel trade in Konkan. We aim to meet the needs of our clients through technical excellence, competitive pricing and unmatched services based on strong business and professional ethics.
The Organisation wishes to establish long term relationships not only with corporate clients but also with each and every individual client by providing better and prompt services.
Think of sounds of cheerful chatter swaying in with the morning breeze, think of mountains peeping out from their misty veils, think of the rivers whispering into your ears, think of Konkan, the ultimate destination of nature-fanatics, the adventure enthusiasts and the ones longing for an enlivening vacation. It provides opportunities as well as facilities for adventure sports.
Purna Travels Believes In Destination Marketing:
Purna Travels believes that in almost all cases, a tourist will decide to come to Konkan before they decide to travel with Purna Travels. In the same way, an overseas tour operator will look for a partner after they have decided to take clients to Konkan.
Therefore, Purna Travels not only sells the products and services but Konkan itself as a Tourism Destination.
Purna Travels believes that the main thing that any tourist is purchasing when they come here is a Konkan experience, not the services of our guide or the quality of hotels. This is a decision they make after they have decided to come here. For someone who has never been to Konkan before, whether they are a tourist or a foreign tour operator, they will firstly want to know why they should come here and what the attractions and benefits are over other destinations.
Tourism is the economic engine of any state and it is yet to be explored in the scenic Konkan region. If priced affordably and packaged well then this might just be the beginning of a new era for “Konkan Tourism”. Moreover, that is what Purna Travels calls: “DISCOVERING THE UNDISCOVERED KONKAN."

Purna Travels is specialised in creating Theme Tours which will be and added attraction for Tourists to diversify their tour plans to Konkan.
The following table presents an overview of Purna Travels operations in the leisure travel industry in terms of their markets and their main distribution channels:

Target Markets or Clients
Main Products or services
Distribution Channels
Mass market, general interest travel and package travel to more well known destinations Travel arrangements, accommodation and package tours for groups and individuals (for outbound). Products are mostly sourced from tour operators, ground operators, and local service providers, but also from travel resellers and portals. Examples: Sea Safari in Malvan, Adventure Tourism in Sindhudurg, Beach Holiday Package in Konkan etc. Direct sales to consumers. Inbound agencies may sell to outbound agencies or place packages with resellers and portals. Mass marketing done through advertisement via direct mail, media, and via agency offices.
Travellers with more specific interests, usually a defined audience in the domestic market Package travel to a variety of destinations within a specific area of interest, for groups or independent travellers. Products are mostly sourced from inbound operators, or may be designed in house with inbound operators, ground operators, and local service providers in Konkan supplying many of the services. Examples: magical Konkan Package Tour, Exotic Ratnagiri, Rural Tourism, Agro Tourism etc.. Direct sales to consumers. Some outbound operators may sell certain products through resellers or portals, or through specialized agencies. Targeted marketing through direct mail (of brochures), via website and customer loyalty programs, at travel fairs, and to special interest groups in the domestic market via specialty publications, membership groups and clubs.
Travellers with an interest in a specific destination or activity, usually long tour travellers in other markets. Package travel for groups or independent travellers in Konkan region, may cover several areas of interest or be more focused, for groups or independent travellers. Products are usually designed in house, with some services from ground operators and local service providers resold as part of the package. Examples: Homestay Holiday, Konkan in Monsoon, Jungle Tourism in Konkan etc. Sales to outbound tour operators, some direct sales to consumers and through resellers or portals. Targeted marketing via direct contacts with outbound tour operators, travel fairs, and to special interest groups in foreign markets via direct mail, special interest publications, and some direct marketing via website.

The role of Purna Travels is to essentially sell accommodation, transport, activities and transfers in a combined all-inclusive package. Purna Travels packages are different to that sold by other tour operators in many ways.
Package Travels refers to travel services sold as a package, where many services are bundled together for the convenience of travellers who don’t wish to spend time making their own arrangements. Package travel may be sold both to group travellers and independent travellers. Group travel refers to package holidays that have a set itinerary and an allocation of seats or spaces. Customers purchasing the package join the group.
Independent travellers usually prefer not to travel with a group, unless it is a self formed group. They prefer to have flexibility in their travel arrangements and may have done some research and have specific interests which dictate what they want to do and see on a trip.

Our Tours are very interactive, fun, personal and they keep you on your toes all the time so there’s never a dull moment when with us. Our tours cater to all foodies, because cuisine down the coast is finger licking good, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. A lot of their food is coconut based and that just makes the already amazingly scrumptious food jump up by a whole lot of brownie points. Our Tour Packages also allows for performance of a variety of aqua-terra activities and the scope for coming up with newer activities is huge as well. What we also place focus on during our Packages skidding down the Konkan is the magnificent architecture that exposes itself, very subtly. It’s just spectacular, the ancient forts, palaces, empire ruins, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, all of it. It’s crazy that you can find so much diversity and variance along just a couple 1000kms of land! Last but not the least, we’re thoroughly well equipped with transport and knowledge on accommodation, places to visit, and everything under the bright shining sun that pertains to us. We believe in quality and not quantity. If you wish to book a trip with us, we’ve made life just a little easier for you in that we’ve sub-divided our trips according to days, activities and region so it’s as crystal clear as can be.
At Purna Travels we believe in attaining lifelong endeavours in our tours. We are the most economical as Nobody exposes Konkan to our patrons the way we do. Hence we can proudly say we have no competitors as they all are always wondering which part of world we envisage our members.


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