Twelve Shiv Mandirs (Temples) In Konkan

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Located at 16 Kms. from Guhagar, Velneshwar has a beautiful beach and an Ancient Shankar Temple. The Temple complex has three four different temples and the secluded beach behind the temple is very beautiful and clean.

On the Konkan coast near Alibaug, is a nice place and famous for cool climate and especially because of the old temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on a small hill and the nearby village is Mapgaon which is almost 12 km from Alibag. The hill is almost 1200 feet high and one has to climb 700 - 750 steps to reach the temple. In the mid of the hill one can see Nagobacha Tappa (a Place of Snakes) and the famous step Devachi Payari. There is one popular story about this step that it was named because it is said that God itself stepped here after the construction of the temple and the steps. The temple of Kanakeshwar is very beautiful; it is a Hoysal style structure built in 1764. A water tank, popularly known as Pushkarni, has water almost throughout the year. The hill and the surroundings are pretty good to visit. One can see the hilly region and the forest on the hill. The other places to see near Kanakeshwar are Maruti Temple, Gaymandi (Sculpture of Cow), Temple of Devi Putrabai, Gaymukh and the plateau of Vyaghreshwar (a small temple of Lord Shiva), etc. Truly, Kanakeshwar is a place to feel the jungle and silence of the jungle and hills. If you want to see the beauty of the Arabian sea and fort of Khandevi as well as the entire hilly region, then Kanakeshwar is the place to visit and rest for 2–3 days.

Shri Vyadeshwar is an ancient temple of Shankar and Vyadeshwar. This temple of Lord Shiva is literally a stone's throw away from the S.T. Depot, right in the middle of the bazaar. It is the Kuladaivat of a lot of Kokanastha Chitpavan Brahmins (Surnames like Patwardhan,Godbole, Damle, Oak, Phadke, Apte, Abhyankar, Soman, Bhat, Ranade, Joglekar, Agashe, Kelkar, Deodhar, Pethe).

This temple was built 1600 years ago by Karna of Kolhapur. This is situated 4 km away from Sangameshwar and is one of the important places in Sangameshwar taluka. The statues and carvings of many Hindu Gods can be seen on the walls of Karneshwar temple. The great Maratha King Sambhaji Raje son of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was traped by Aurangazeb at vilage Kasba.

Dhareshwar is a waterfall on the Bav river which is another tourist attraction of Marleshwar.There are many stories about Marleshwar. On the day of 'Makarsankranti' marriage of Marleshwar and Girijadevi takes place. Local villagers celebrate the marriage ceremony with great enthusiasm. Besides on 'Mahashivratri' and 'Tripuri Poornima' there is fair. At the beginning of 18th century, this 'Shivling' was in Muradpur, which was brought here in the cave after tyrant Muradkhan started vexing people of Muradpur. This temple is known as 'Trambakeshwar' of Konkan. Marleshwar name may have come from Maral village.

It is a famous temple in Dhopeshwar village in Rajapur taluka. This village is situated 5 k.m. Away from Rajapur city. You would always find devotees rushing here. It is on the bank of Mrudani River. It's an ancient temple. Natural beauty around it is extraordinary. At the both sides of the temple there are huge mountains and a river flows through it making it more beautiful. The Mrudani River jumps from the high mountain so there is a beautiful waterfall near the temple. Some tourists come to see the waterfall. The best period to watch this waterfall is between July to November. During the period there is plenty of water. There is huge crowd on Mondays and Mahashivaratri.

An ancient Shiva Temple is located in Kunkeshwar village, 14 Kms from Devgad town. A pristine beach with a very long stretch of seashore and white sand adds to the beauty of temple surroundings. This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture. Yadav Kings built this temple in 1100 A. D. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who rejuvenated this temple many times was a frequent visitor to this temple. This temple is also famous as Kashi of South Konkan. Every year a huge celebration takes place on the occasion of Mahashivratri, which keeps religious beliefs in constant sight of the multitudes. During the festival a large number of devotees throng this place with their families and friends. This vigilant Shiva deity bestows blessings on everyone who surrenders to its feet.

Destinations own such historical peculiarities which sets them apart from other ones. Place named Achara is one of them. It’s a small village in Malvan Taluka. We are all aware that in historical times people were gifted with “Inams, Jagirs or Watan(land)” by kings or emperors for their achievements. Achara too is Inam or Jagir, but it’s owner or Inamdar (landowner) is not a layman. Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur gave this Inam to Shri Dev Rameshwar ( i.e. Lord Shiva). Achara boasts the historical temple of Lord Shiva, popularly known as ‘Inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar’ Architecture of the temple is grand and spectacular. It's believed that deity is vigilant/wakeful to it’s devotees’ prayers. There is no exact evidence regarding the erection of this holy place, but its historical reference dates back to even before 1684 AD. Some inscription on the wall of temple reveals that commencement of construction happened in 1684 AD. It’s historical background assures it pomp and grandeur of princely state. Shri Dev Rameshwar adorno the title of “Inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar Sansthan Kasaba Achare”. Main structure of temple was erected in 1684 AD. In 1805 sanctuary was built. In 1830 it was reconditioned. Caravansary, Rawalnath temple was built afterwards in the same area. Till this date, this deity holds as the landowner of the whole village. Any document related to land transaction stresses this fact. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great ruler of Maharashtra had given generous donations through emoluments for the upkeepment of temple. Even Maharaj’s naval chief Kanoji Angre was also concerned about it. This arrangement was continued in the regimes of Peshwas and British. Post-independence period is not an exception. Various traditional activities are still performed with some zeal and fervour. These delightful programs are sheer promise to cheer your spirits. Ramanawami is biggest celebrations, Kartikostav, Dashahara, Hanuman Jayanti, Mahashivaratri are other fascinating functions. Twice a month, palanguin of Lord Vishnu goes around the temple, which holds another striking attributes, since temple belongs to Lord Shiva. Tamboor, drum, Chawari (special fan), Avadagiri escort the palanguin. Every Monday God is worshipped with consecration, and other rituals (e.g. ekadahanya, laghurudra etc.) Shravani Somawar is another occasion when temple is flodded with devotees . Another specialty of this small village is very famous "Gaon-Palan" i.e. deserting village by all its inhabitants including cattle too, for three days after every three years. On the fourth day villagers ask for the omen for entering into the village. After getting such omen from the very own Rameshwar, whole village returns to its daily hustle and bustle.

One of the finest sea shores in India, Harihareshwar is a nice tourist destination located in the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. Harihareshwar is renowned for its tranquility and picturesque beach. Harihareshwar is also known as Dakshin Kashi by virtue of its importance in the spiritual arena of India, especially with an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Harihareshwar, as the name suggest is an abode of Lord Shiva.

Temple of Lord Shiva nestled amidst coconut and beetle nut plantations at Wada. Temple's forefront has five naked idols of stone with huge elephants guarding the temples from either side. Temple at Wada is built in Pandav era.

विजयदुर्ग - निपाणी रस्त्यावर विजयदुर्ग पासून नजिकच गिर्ये येथे मुख्य रस्त्या पासून ३ कि. मी. अंतरावर इतिहासकालीन श्री देव रामेश्वर मंदिर आहे. पेशवे नाना फडणीसांचे बंधू गंगाधर भानू यांनी या रामेश्वर मंदिराची उभारणी केली. देवालय साधे कौलारू आहे. समोर खास कोकणी पध्दतीच्या दिपमाळा आहेत.
रामेश्वर देवालय खोलगट भागात आहे. मुख्य रस्त्यावरून अगर प्रवेशद्वाराच्या नजीकच्या पठारावरून हे मंदिर दिसत नाही. देवालयात जाण्यासाठी दीडशे मीटर लांब पंधरा मीटर खोल अशा जांभया दगडाच्या अखंड खडकातून खोदून मार्ग काढलेला आहे. मंदिरातील मुख्य गाभरयात शिवपिंडी आहे. बाहेरील बंदिस्त भागात सुमारे पन्नास किलो चांदीची नंदीवर आरूढ मूर्ती असलेली चतुर्भुज श्री शंकराची प्रासादिक मूर्ती आहे. ई.स. १७९२/९३ मध्ये पेशव्यांच्या आरमाराचे प्रमुख आनंदराव धुळप यांनी इंग्रजांच्या जहाजावरून पकडून जप्त करून आणलेली अजस्त्र घंटा या ठिकाणी असून ही घंटा पुढे कृष्णराव धुळप यांनी ई.स.१८२७ मध्ये श्री देव रामेश्वरला अर्पण केली. या रामेश्वर मंदिराच्या आवारातच उजव्या बाजूला मराठांच्या आरमाराचे सरखेल संभाजी आंग्रे यांची समाधी आहे. ते शिव भक्त होते. रामेश्वर मंदिर भोवतालची दगडी तटबंदी, फरसबंदी पटांगण सरखेल संभाजी आंग्रे यांनीच बांधले.

मालवण तालुक्यातील कांदळगाव येथील स्वयंभू रामेश्वर मंदिर शिवकालीन असून मंदिराची घुमटी छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांनी बांधली असे सांगतात. या मंदिराच्या बांधकामासाठी अप्रतीम साक्षीदार कलाकुसर करण्यात आली आहे.
या कांदळगाव रामेश्वर मंदिरा समोर शिवाजी महाराजांनी वादाचे झाड लावले असे सांगितले जाते. आज तो प्रचंड वटवृक्ष "शिवाजीचा वड" म्हणून ओळखला जातो.


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