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  • Bumber Tube Ride - Fulfill Your Need for Speed!

For those who like a little more speed and adventure then its the bumper tube ride for you. Hang on while you jump the wake and your body bounces up and down, the fun part is rolling into the refreshing marina waters when you can't hold on any longer.
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  •   Banana Boat Ride - A Must for All Families and Fun Lovers!

The Banana Boat ride is definitely the activity you don't want to miss out on. Jump on our six person inflatable boat and have more fun than you ever imagined. You will ride out from the dock and then transfer to the Banana Boat. Will tow you through the marina where you will hang on and try desperately not to fall off. If you do its not a problem as all riders are provided with life jackets and the boat will immediately pick you up and continue on this incredible ride.
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  • Jet Skiing - Zoom Around 

Experience the thrill of speed and splashing water as you ride our wave runners in the tropical waters. The safe and easy to operate two seater waverunners are a must as part of your vacation.
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  • Parasailing - Experience Breathtaking Island Views

Parasail over the clear blue crystal waters and view the magnificent coastline. The parasail boat where our experienced captain will fly you 300 ft over the clear Ocean. For added fun you can be dunked in the cool refreshing water. This amazing ride will leave you breathless and keep you coming back for more.
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  • Scuba Diving - Experience Majestic Marine Life

Whether you are a beginner scuba diver and looking to explore the underwater world or an experienced scuba diver you'll enjoy this adventure of a life time. Our trained master divers will ensure your day is safe and full of excitement. The scuba shuttle will take you to the dive boat a mile off shore where you will relax and enjoy the beauty of land and sea. Be careful, you could become hooked for life. It’s a world you must visit.
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  • Snorkeling - View Abundant Marine Life

No visit to Malvan is complete without a snorkeling trip. The abundant marine life inside and outside the reef makes Malvan a must for snorkeling lovers. Snorkeling will make your day of watersports complete.

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