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 There are a lot of beautiful Places with good Resorts & Hotels in the Konkan area, but are neglected due to the lack of information to tourists. Purna Travels is an attempt to fill this gap. It is an attempt to highlight the Konkan area as the Perfect Tourist Destination. Book your next vacation and build your own trip plans for Konkan at Purna Travels.

Konkan has a lot to offer to the visitor and its diverse geographical features are such that any tourist will definitely find something of his interest. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, You'll definitely enjoy your stay in Konkan with Purna Travels.
We are sure that you may not have even heard of many of the places in Konkan. Moreover, that is what we call 

“DISCOVERING THE UNDISCOVERED KONKAN". Purna Travels is set to give you a memorable and pleasurable Konkan all the way.


Konkan is the coastal part of Maharashtra State and its scenic beauty rivals with that of Goa which is adjacent to Konkan. Because of neglect by Maharashtra State Government for decades, this great beautiful tourist spot was totally ignored by tourists due to lack of facilities, modern amenities and good hotels. This was the reason why Konkan remained the poorest part of Maharashtra State. Now all that has changed. In last 10 years, after realizing the importance of tourism in Konkan, Maharashtra Government finally realized their neglect and started developing Konkan from tourism point of view. And this right step by Government finally had great results to improve the economy of Konkan area as tourists have now started flocking to Konkan area to spend their valuable vacation time.
There is lots of natural beauty in Konkan. Konkan has about 700 kilometers of beach and with heavy rainfall of about 300 inches during monsoon of 3 months, it has most beautiful greenery all over the area. Now Konkan is a tourist attraction because of beautiful clean beaches, Coconut and Beetelnut trees, rivers, mountain ranges of Sahyadri, ancient forts (especially Sindhudurg Fort) and good roads. It has very spectacular waterfalls. Almost 40% of Konkan is forest. There are lots of beautiful lakes. Konkan is full of natural beauty.
Agro (village) Tourism is slowly increasing in Konkan. The real culture of Konkan can be enjoyed only in its villages. In the villages you can see the art of pot makers, carpenters, gold smiths, tailors, cobblers, barbers. And by observing these arts, you will get real feel of Konkan. Also in the villages, you can enjoy delicious Konkani food especially various fish preparations which are unique to Konkan. In Konkan, coconut is used in almost every dish, since coconut is abundant in Konkan. There is a thriving flower industry because variety of flowers are grown all across Konkan. Barter system still exists in Konkan even in 21st century. Villagers of Konkan look very happy and contented despite their limited means.
Richness of Indian architecture can be seen in the villages while visiting ancient Temples. Even construction of houses is very unique in Konkan which is designed considering the heavy rainfall. Fishing is a big industry on which Konkan thrives as it has a long coastal area.

Many tourists come to Konkan to fulfill their desire for their adventure tourism. Like doing mountain trekking, motor biking in the forests, river crossing, snorkeling etc. Many come here for visiting religious places, some visit to see the heritage of Konkan area. Some visit for riding in backwaters.
Konkan railway is one of the wonders of modern civil engineering and one has to travel by Konkan Railway to experience its beauty while travelling through innumerable tunnels and scenice mountains. Monsoon (June thru August) is the best time to travel by Konkan Railway although it is bit dangerous beacuse of possible landslides happening during heavy rains.
Konkan is very famous for growing best mangoes in India. Especially, Alphanso (or Happus) Mango is grown very extensively throughout Konkan which brings lots of foreign exchange as large amounts of Mangoes are exported. In India, Mango is considered to be king of all fruits and Alphanso or Happus Mango from Konkan is the king of all different types of mangoes. And there is no doubt about it. I personally love Happus or Alphanso Mangoes. What a delicious taste!

Now who says that one has to visit Europe or USA to see natural beauty. We have Konkan right here in India to enjoy the nature. No need to go out of India to enjoy nature.

At Purna Travels, we help you make a choice that is just right for you. Our friendly, well-trained and knowledgeable tour advisors will give you sound and personalised advice so that you can make your tour a Dream Holiday.
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Purna Travels arranges tours for minimum 2 persons also , anywhere in Konkan.


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