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The tourist gets spellbound to see astonishing beauty of the nature surrounding Karhateshwar Devsthan. No one could anticipate how splendid the bounty of the nature would be there till he reaches the place. Karhateshwar Devsthan is situated in the village Nandiwade near the coastline 4 to 5 km from Jaigad. The temple is of wooden structure, built during the regime of Shilaharas. In the night, temple is closed for visitors. On the slopes of the hill by the side of seashore between the cuttings of the hill, water springs in small stream, throughout the year. This spring water is stored in two small tanks for bathing purpose. Even during winter the water is warm. One who takes bath gets fresh and energetic. Shri Narayanbhau Jog, a Ramdasi, has described the place in following words:
Ekantsthali Ha Suramya Vilase Name Karhateshwar  |
Paai Sagar Nitya Ha Vasatase Garjoniya Gambhir ||

The deity of Karhateshwar is installed at a beautiful lonely place, at whose feet the roaring sea is there for ever.


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