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Preferred Sales Agent

As being a part of Purna Travels PSA?
clip_image002 Fixed departures of Purna Travels
clip_image002[1] Special Tours like, Scuba & Snorkelling, Exploring Lighthouses, Home on Wheels, Theme Tours to Konkan etc.
clip_image002[2] Individual (FIT) & Group (GIT) Tours

What are the benefits of being a PSA of Purna Travels?
clip_image002[3] Association with a leading Travel company Specialize in Konkan Sector of Maharashtra.
clip_image002[4] Opportunity to promote and sell a wide range of Konkan Holidays.
clip_image002[5] All around support from Purna Travels PSA Sales department in terms of product training,process awareness, query solving and interaction with Guests, if required.
clip_image002[6] Promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets etc for your outlet.

Attach the Application form & fulfill the following requirements.
clip_image002[7] A CD of Photographs (Contents : interior of your office, the entrance & premises)
clip_image002[8] Contact Details: nearest station , famous Landmark & on which floor your office is located.
clip_image002[9] Copy of Pan Card of proprietor certified by Advocate, or if partnership - Copy of Partnership deed certified by the advocate.
clip_image002[10] Pan card copy of the partnership firm and all partners certified by advocate.
clip_image002[11] Applicants Passport size Photographs.
clip_image002[12] After checking your document , we may call you at our Head office or the nearest branch office for further meeting.

clip_image001 What is a Purna Travels Preferred Sales agent (PSA)
Purna Travels PSA will be authorized to take bookings for Purna Travels Products. Purna Travels PSA's will be supported by Providing Promotional Material like Brochures. Your name & address will be linked to our Website & your Outlets Address & Contact no will be printed in our brochure's.
clip_image001[1] Why should I become a PSA of Purna Travels.
As we all know that Konkan Tourism economy market is growing on day by day & the best way to take advantage of these growth is to be a part of a well renowned company like Purna Travels – Specialised in Konkan packages.
clip_image001[2] I do not have any experience in Travel industry? Can I still become a PSA of Purna Travels?
Yes if you have the Passion for travel & willing to put in efforts to grow the business, Purna Travels will train you to Know how to manage the inquiries & to grab bookings, Our agency department will guide you for your any inquiries.
clip_image001[3] What Product can I sell as being a Purna Travels PSA?
As being a part of Purna Travels PSA you will be authorized to Promote Brands Like Purna Travels - Corporate Bookings - Individual Tours ( FIT) – Tailor made Holidays.Fix departures of Purna Travels, Special Tours like, Scuba & Snorkelling, Exploring Lighthouses, Home on Wheels, Theme Tours to Konkan etc.
clip_image001[4] What is my role as a PSA?
A PSA will have to select the right outlet, furnish it, manage opex including rental, telephone charges, conveyance etc, appoint staff and pay for their salaries. PSA will have to ensure smooth financial functioning of the Agency. And achieve sales target with help of sales Staff & he can't work with any other Travel company.
clip_image001[5] How much is the Agency Fee/Deposit?
The Agency fee & Deposit
City Agency fees + 12.36% service tax
( Non- Refundable )
Refundable Deposit Amount Total
3 Years 2 lacs 3 lacs 5 lacs

clip_image001[6] Why is Purna Travels charging Agency Fee?
Agency fee/Deposit is collected to provide marketing support to your Agency. Marketing support Like your name & numbers will be linked to our website & Brochure's. If Promotional advertise is coming up in your Regions, your area & contact no will be printed in adv, Queries from your area will be diverted to your agency to generate your business. You will be given Login ID & Password to work in our Reservation System. Annual PSA meet.
clip_image001[7] PSA agreement will be valid for 3 years
Termination clause is updated in agreement as per rules if we find any misleading done by the agent to Purna Travels , he will be questioned & if found guilty will be terminated on SOS basis.
clip_image001[8] How many Employees need to be hired on my Payroll?
Purna Travels would suggest that you should Hire Min 1 qualified staff on initial basis which will take care of all Purna Travels Inquiries & bookings.
clip_image001[9] Will the staff of my Outlet be trained by Purna Travels?
Yes. The staff would trained by experienced professionals on all the products, reservation systems and processes of Purna Travels.
clip_image001[10] Can I give extra discounts for the customer’s who wants more discounts on tour Package?
No extra discounts will be given to guest; Discounts will be given to guest as per the Policy of Purna Travels. If found any agents giving any extra discounts without intimating Agency department, he will be questioned & if found guilty he will be terminated.
clip_image001[11] Can I give my Commission in the form of Discount to the Customer?
No you are not allowed to give your Commission to the Customer in the form of Discount, we have setup our policy of Discount, no matter where that guest is booking his tours , he will find same discount policy , if found giving commission as a discount the agent will be questioned & if found Guilty he will be terminated.
clip_image001[12] How should I fill up the PSA application form?
Request you to call on +91 9619246419 for the application form.
clip_image001[13] Can I carry out marketing and advertising exercise in my local area?
Yes you may carry out Marketing and Advertising activities in the area demarcated in the Agreement with Purna Travels. Marketing expenses will not be carried out by Purna Travels, All the marketing and advertising material need to be prior approved by the respective Purna Travels & then it should be published.
clip_image001[14] When would I receive my commission payment?
The commission payouts will be made in the following month once the guest departs on his holiday. Commission will be paid after deducting (Tax deducted at Source) ( TDS).
clip_image001[15] Token of appreciation
Other than Commission, Purna Travels will also share 2 % of the Net Profit of each tour materialised after the expenses of the said tour.


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