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Duration: 05 Nights / 06 Days







Day 1



Homestay on Beach


Day 2



Homestay on Beach


Day 3



Agro Tourism


Day 4



Agro Tourism


Day 5



Heritage Homestay


Day 6







Day-Wise Schedule For The Trip

Day 1  :  Early morning departure from a convenient location or your doorstep. Stop for breakfast at Nagothane,  the gateway to the Alphonso Belt. Proceed to Lord Parshuram Temple, Parashurama  a Brahmin, the sixth avatar of Vishnu, belongs to the Treta yug, and is the son of Jamadagani and Renuka. Parashu means axe, hence his name literally means Rama-with-the-axe. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance to please Shiva, from whom he learned the methods of warfare and other skills. He fought the advancing ocean back thus saving the lands of Konkan and Malabar. The coastal area of Kerala state along with the Konkan region, i.e., coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka, is also sometimes called Parashurama Kshetra (Parashurama's country). Parashurama is said to be a "warrior Brahman", the first warrior saint. His mother is descended from the Kshatriya Suryavansham clan that ruled Ayodhya. Lunch. Check in at Tarkarli. Stay and Dinner at Tarkarli.


Day 2 : Have Breakfast and proceed to Devbaug Sangam. Have Lunch and proceed for Scuba Diving & Snorkelling. Visit Jay Ganesh Temple, Situated at Malvan Jay Ganesh temple is now on a ‘must see’ list of tourists. The temple is built by Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar, an astrologer of repute and creator of very popular almanac ‘Kalnirnay’. Situated in Medha locality of Malvan on ancestral family land of Salgaonkars, the temple has been constructed as per the holy principles of temple architecture in India. Shri Jayantrao personally supervised the construction. The presiding deity in the temple is Lord Ganesha, much revered Elephant God of Maharashtra. The idol is of pure gold. This main idol in the sanctum sanctorum is in the traditional pose with Riddhi- Siddhi (consorts of Lord) on both sides. Siddhi is holding Dhol (Indian traditional percussion instrument) and sword in her hand while Riddhi has pen and paper in her hands. The hall has eight idols of Ganesh carved in the ceiling. One gets a very comfortable feeling of Lord Ganesh looking benevolently from all the eight directions at his disciple. The interior of the temple is very rich and has used soothing colors. A five-day annual festival of Ganesh Jayanti is celebrated on 4th Day of Magh (month in Hindu Calendar). This day is also the anniversary day of the temple.The speciality of this temple’s architecture can be seen on the early morning of Makar Sankranti (14th or 15th of January). On this day the early sunrays fall directly on the idol and one can see the glittering and shining Ganesha bathed in sunlight. Jayantrao Salgaonkar has named this Ganesha as Jay Ganesha so that the Ganesha may bestow ‘Jay’ (success) on his disciples. Take a stroll in Malvan Market. Back to Hotel. Dinner. Stay and Dinner at Tarkarli.


Day 3 : Have Breakfast and proceed to Nate – Ganesh Agro Tourism. Enjoy boating in Jaitapur Backwaters, and enjoy sunset view from Ambolgad, Gagangiri Maharaj Math. Stay and Dinner at Nate.


Day 4 : Have Breakfast and proceed to Fort Vijaydurg, which literally means "Victory Fort", is a fort built by Shivaji in the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra. The main purpose of building this fort was to defend the shoreline on the Arabian Sea. This fort is a complex in itself, having a commander's house and three lines of defences. The three fortified walls stand proud and tested by time and the unforgiving sea. In the evening visit Kanakaditya Temple, There are only few temples of God Sun. Hindu philosophers and believers consider Sun as a God. There is an ancient Sun temple at Prabhas Pattan near Veraval in Sourashtra region. One can find some Sun temples in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Konark, Orisa and Nepal. Kasheli, a very small village in Rajapur Taluka of Ratnagiri district, is the prime attraction for devotees due to a famous and ancient Temple of Sri. Kanakaditya (Name of Sun God). The Temple is having a bright historical background. The deity of God Aditya (one of the names of God Sun) was brought from Prabhas Pattan Sun temple before 800 years. Prabhas Pattan is Lord Krishna’s place. There are so many legends about the temple. Once one boatman was traveling from Veraval port towards South direction. The deity of Aditya was there in the same boat. When the boat was passing through the Kasheli region, the boat had stopped automatically. The boatman tried a lot to sail the boat into the sea. But he failed to do so. Then he has decided to place the deity of God Aditya at the Kaseli port. He had placed the deity into a black cave (approximately 400 sq. feet). Immediately after this, the boat had got the motion for sailing. A great devotee of God Sun, Kanaka, was living at Kasheli. She got the enlightment from God Sun about the deity. Then she had formally constructed a small temple of Aditya with the help of villagers, hence the temple is known as Kanakaditya. Stay and Dinner at Nate.

vijaydurg fort 2


Day 5:  Have Breakfast and proceed to Pawas, Besides its natural beauty and serenity, Pawas achieved prominence when Swami Swaroopanand (a spiritual leader who influenced an entire generation of Maharashtrians) had made it his abode. The place where he used to reside is now converted into an ashram. A visit there is still like a journey through time. Near Swaroopanandas Samadhi on the Avala tree lord Ganesh Statue has appeared. People definately visit this place & also the house 'Anant Niwas' where Swami Swaroopananda stayed. Ganpatipule, It is idyllic. It is famous not only because of its blue water and white sand, but for Swayambhu Ganpati Temple (Swayambhu means a self-originated idol, Ganapati). 400 years old Ganpati idol at Ganpatipule is said to have sprung up from the soil. This deity faces the West, so as to guard the western gates, unlike deities in other Indian temples who face the east. The temple is at the base of a hill, and pilgrims walk around (pradakshina) the hill as a mark of respect. Keshav Sut, considered to be the father of modern Marathi poetry. He was born in Malgund which is near Ganapati Pule in Ratnagiri district. Keshavsut wrote in all 135 poems. His last poem was published in 1905. Evening Prachin Konkan Museum, which means Ancient Konkan. It is unique in itself as it is an open air museum and shows the old culture of basically Konkan areas. It is among the most famous Konkan Museums. It covers the area of about 3 acres on hillside. Stay and Dinner at Ganpatipule.


Day 6: Early Breakfast and leave towards Mumbai.


BLED: Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea, Dinner

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