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Benefits to Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

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Benefits to Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a wonderful alternative to the traditional hotel stay. Many B&Bs are situated in restored old homes or even mansions with period furnishings and offer a marvelous spectacle of architecture and décor that’s sure to enhance any stay. Gardens are often lush and offer comfortable seating, and rooms range from cozy to luxurious. Staying in a B&B can be a really unique travel experience and not one to be missed. Here are the benefits to staying in a bed and breakfast.

  • You can get the privacy and peace and quiet you desire. B&B tend to be more exclusive with fewer guests. They don’t often cater to families and are more popular among couples. If you’re looking for a place to spend a quiet weekend, a B&B may be your best bet.

  • You’ll get more personal service. At a B&B, there are only a handful of guests, giving you a much more personal experience. Typically, your concierge is the owner and thus is invested in making sure you have a great stay.

  • They are often located in out-of-the-way areas. Unlike hotels, B&Bs are often found off the beaten path. This provides you with a great opportunity to see less traveled parts of the community that you would otherwise miss.

  • It’s the perfect romantic getaway. In fact, B&Bs have become so popular for couples that many cater to this romantic angle, offering special romantic packages. These may include pre-planned events or excursions that are included in your stay.

  • They’re more secure. At a B&B, there are fewer people coming and going. With less going on, B&B owners tend to keep a much better eye on the hotel property than a typical hotel staff.

  • You can get a taste of the local flavour and lifestyle. B&Bs are usually established and run by locals, and tend to have their own character. Even better, B&B owners often have lots of tips concerning the best things to do and see in the local area.

  • They offer extra activities. Many B&Bs offer additional recreational activities in their regular packages. Depending on the location, you may be able to enjoy biking, hiking.

  • You’ll encounter unexpected luxuries. B&Bs tend to offer all those special extra touches that can make your stay pampering and luxurious.


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