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THE first half of 2010 has ended as a mixed bag of hits and flops for the Marathi film industry with Hapus, which released towards the end of June collecting over Rs. one crore at the box office in the first week. Hapus starring veteran actor Sulbha Deshpande, Subodh Bhave, Makrand Anaspure, Madhura Velankar and Shivaji Satam, better known as ACP Pradyuman of CID fame, was released at 172 screens across 25 districts in Maharashtra. The film deals with the problems of Hapus (world famous Alphanso mango) growers in Konkan region and how despite the famed fruit reaching several parts of the world, the mango grower has not benefited out of it.

The year started off very well for the Marathi cinema with Natrang, produced by Zee Talkies, which continues to be the most popular and successful movie released in the last six months. The film, highlighting the story of a male tamasha artist, brought the tamasha genre back to Marathi cinema after several years. It was also released with English subtitles and attracted the non-Marathi speaking audiences as well. The music of the film has done very well.
The film garnered Rs. 12 crore at the box office followed by Shikshanacha Aicha Gho by Mahesh Manjrekar collecting Rs 3.5 crore, political drama Zenda (Rs. 2 crore) and Harischandrachi Factory, which was selected as India's entry to Oscars (Rs. 1.5 crore).

As many as 37 films were released in the last six months. Mahesh Manjrekar's Lalbaug Parel, Zhing Chick Zhing, and Mumbai Pune Mumbai fared averagely. Marathi industry had its share of disappointments too with many movies failing commercially despite huge expectations. Films like AB Corp's Vihir failed at the box office despite achieving critical acclaim at International Film Festivals. Other flops were Ringa Ringa, Kalshekar Aahet Ka?, Kshanbhar Vishranti, Anandi Anand, Erada Pakka and Target.

Sources said the second half of 2010 has lot in store for the Marathi industry. Actor Pushkar Jog will be seen as actor-director and singer in his movie Mission Possible, releasing on July 16. Percept Picture Company (PPC) has acquired the distribution rights of the film which is a murder mystery. Sources said Mission Possible matches the grandeur and entertainment value of Bollywood. "Marathi movies are either out-and-out comedy or ones that cater only a niche audience. But, Mission Possible is an entertainer, which will appeal to the modern Marathi youth," sources said adding that a song has been shot in Ladakh, a first time for a Marathi movie.

Ashok Saraf's Tata Birla Ani Laila is also scheduled later this month. The film stars the veteran star with Bharat Jadhav. They play two characters who feel that if they are not rich by birth or in terms of money, at least they can be rich by names.

Actor Ajinkya Deo has followed his younger brother Abhinay into direction. His movie Jeta, which brings his famous actor parents Ramesh and Seema Deo together on screen after several years, releases later this year.

The above first half yearly report suggests that if the movie is good it will definitely do good business. Multiplex not releasing Marathi Films is just an excuse of some producers who produce 3rd grade Maratrhi Cinema


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