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Vasai Tourist Attractions

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Vasai Fort
Vasai fort is also known as Bassein fort. It is situated about 48 kms north of Mumbai just across the Ulhas River. The fort was built during Portuguese dynasty in 1535. There are approximately 7 churches in this fort. It has two gates - the westward land-gate and the eastward gate. There are fields in the fort for growing grains and vegetables. There are three chapels inside the fort. Vasai fort was established by the Portuguese as the headquarters of their Indian operations in 1534. To reach Vasai, one can take a train bound to Virar from Churchgate. Reaching the Vasai fort takes about Half Hour from Vasai Station (West).

Suruchi Beach
Suruchi Beach is a very nice beach situated in Vasai. It is an environment friendly and clean beach.

Vajreshwari is well known for its temple and hot water springs. There are 52 steps to climb up to the main temple. One can have a view of the surrounding area from the temple. The view is beautiful particularly during monsoons. The hot water springs at Vajreshwari are a must bathe for Vajraeshawari devi devotees. The springs are rich in sulfur content and are believed to cure many skin ailments.

Kelve Maahim Beach
Kelva Beach is the largest stretch (about 7 km) of beautiful cost line of Arabian Sea in Thane District. This beach is surrounded by abundant Suru trees. This beach is also known as Vargin Beach. It is located 8 kms from Palghar. Other attractions at Kelva beach are Kelva fort and Sheetala Devi temple. Kelwa Beach is situated around 5 kilometres from the Kelve station. Mahim Beach is known as the "Bowl of the Taluka. This place takes its name after the Mahikavati temple which is the village main place of worship. It is located 5kms from the Mahim beach.
Getting here - The distance between Palghar and Mumbai is 77 kms. One can reach Kelve Maahim Beach by train from Mumbai to Kelva Station.

Tungareshwar Water Fall
Tungareshwar waterfalls is sitauted at an altitude of about 2,177 feet. It is one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai. Tungareshwar water falls is thickly wooded and offers several opportunities to the trekkers, mountaineers and nature lovers. The best period to visit Tungareshwar water falls is during monsoons. It is a place of natural scenic attraction.

Arnala Beach
Arnala Beach is a beautiful beach which has become one of the major attractions of the town today. The beach is surrounded by few magnificent churches. Vasai town would never ever get complete without this splendid beach, which has been attracting tourists from far and wide.

Saatpati Beach
Saatpati Beach is one of the largest beaches in Maharashtra. It is renowned as the hub of the fishing industry. Saatpati Beach is a calm and cool destination for evenings and weekends. It is lined up with palm trees. Satpati beach is known for its tranquility and serene environment.

Jivadani houses a beautiful famous temple of goddess Jivdani on a mountain far away from Mumbai in Thane district. One has to climb more than 2000 footsteps to reach the temple. This mountain is a place for para gliders with paragliding activities. Some of the other attractions near Jivadani Mata Mandir are Papadkhandi Dam, Small Old Fort Of Shivaji Maharaj, Arnala beach with Resorts such as Anand Resort virar, Swagat resort Virar, etc.


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