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One of the major attractions of Ratnagiri city situated on a small hillock. There is also a best sunset point from here. One can have a panoramic view of Someshwar creek, Bhatye bridge to pawas and Arabian sea. This palace was used for keeping the King Thibaw, last king of Burma (now Myanmar) under house arrest. Thibaw ruled the Burma for 6 years.

Burma was partitioned from India in 1935. British took over the Burma kingdom and arrested king Thibaw. To keep him far away from his kingdom i.e. Burma he was kept under house arrest at Ratnagiri. Though the king was under British rule, he was given legal rights and was treated with the state honors. King died at the age of 58 in Ratnagiri. His grand-grand daughter Tity was the last living heir of the king . She got married to a local resident Shankarrao Pawar.

The palace is a beautifully constructed three storied structure with sloping roofs. Semi-circular wooden windows with beautiful curving are the main attraction of this structure. On the first floor one dancing hall with a fully marble tiles floor is in the palace. One Buddha idol is installed at the back side of the palace. This idol was brought to India by king Thibaw. Presently the palace is maintained by archaeological depth. The plans are a foot to convert the palace in to museum and providing tourist accommodation there. Thibaw palace is best situated on a hillock and panoramic view from this point is most enchanting. This is a point worth – visiting for Ratnagiri tourist.


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Shiv said...

The palace could be converted into heritage Hotel by the Govt of maharashtra for tourists worldwide.

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