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The city lies on the banks of the River Vashishti. To the east of the city lies the Western Ghats and to the west lies Guhagar. The region is hilly and the city is situated in a valley. The region has tropical climate, very hot in summer and very wet. Summer days are extremely hot (above 38 °C). The rainy season — the monsoons last from June until October. Chiplun is near to "Koyna Dam".

Situated on a small hill about 10 km away from Chiplun, the Gowalkot Fort covers an area of around two acres.
According to local reports, the fort was built about 1690 by the Habshi of Janjira. Shivaji Maharaja renewed the fort in 1670 but the position of the Redjaji image seems to show that it was part of the original fort and that the builder or the person who renewed the temple was a Hindu King, probably Shivaji in 1670. From Habshi it was captured by Angira in 1744, who lost it to the Peshwa in 1755 and eventually the Peshwa lost control over it at the hands of the British in 1818.
Almost ruined, at present this fort is dilapidated, however, within the fort are trees, buildings and dwellings and a dry well which is approximately 22 feet deep.
Located on top of the small hill, the Gowalkot Fort, opposite the Vashisthi River, offers the most beautiful and stunning glimpse of the undulating valley and the smoothly flowing Vashisthi River. Nature enthusiasts can indulge themselves by setting out on a trek around the areas near the fort and soak in the atmosphere at the fort. Enjoy a short walk of about 30 to 45 minutes, as you walk through the track with the fort providing a gorgeous backdrop for your stroll. Go here alone, with family or your partner, for a truly spectacular experience!


Located near the Mumbai-Goa National Highway, the ancient Parshuram Temple is situated near the town of Chiplun. Famous for the 6th 'Avtaar' or incarnation of Vishnu, the temple is resplendent with fabulous architectural beauty, which incorporates both the Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture.
Steps from the Ghat lead straight to the temple premises. The main temple structure is surrounded by stone walls and houses three elaborate idols inside the temple. It was built around 300 years ago by Brahmendra Swami. It is believed that since Parshuram created Konkan land, also known as Parshuram Bhumi, he is also automatically the presiding deity of the Konkan region.
There is temple of Goddess Renuka behind the Parshuram Temple. It is believed that Parshuram’s powerful five arrows created the primary water source here, which officially goes by the name Bandganga Lake.
The houses from the Adilshah Period can also be seen in the region. The temple was constructed by the Portuguese and the funds for its construction were provided by Janjirekar & Siddhi. So, essentially, European, Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture are noticed in the construction work.


Once you’re done exploring the Parshuram Temple and are looking for more areas to visit, make your way to the Sawatsada Waterfall. Primarily a monsoon attraction, the waterfall comes gushing down with full gusto only in the rainy season. Located very close to the Parshuram Temple, it forms an idyllic backdrop.
A perfect getaway offering the ever-elusive solitude that most city-dwellers chase, these two tourist spots are a must-visit, even if it means making space for it in your itinerary by forsaking trips to other places!


Dervan is located at 19 km from Chiplun, where you can watch the entire life history of King Shivaji through pictures and statues. This memorial is known as ‘Shivsrushti’. Shivsrushti was established by Shree sant Sitarambua Walawalkar Trust. Near about one crore rupees and 15 years were spent in construction of Shivsrushti.
An artist of Mumbai named Ganesh Patkar has developed these statues with his workmates. Construction of memorial looks like a fort. Tourists gets welcomed by Mavlas(soldiers) of Shivaji and two elephants residing at the entrance. Birth of Shivaji, coronation of Shivaji Maharajah, sacrifice of Bajiprabhu, fight with Shahistakhan, etc are some of the notable statutes to watch here.


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