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 It is a very ancient Temple in Aravali, near Vengurla. It is a Temple of Lord Vetoba, who is deity of Aravali people. The Temple is surrounded by coconut plantation. Also farming is done in Temple vicinity which adds greenery to the surrounding area of the Temple.
Local believes that Lord Vetoba wear Kolhapuri big chappals and roam in the village at night and these Lord's footwares are kept in the Temple which are amazing and not seen before.
Every year there is a Jatra of the Lord during which whole Temple is decorated with flowers and lights due to which the scene is worth seeing. Also during Jatra there is Palkhi of Lord which is taken all around the Temple along with lots of crackers which looks delightful in night darkness.

This celebration of Lord Vetoba goes on for at least five days. Temple managements provides a dharmshala next to Temple which help provide facility for staying and eating during the period of Jatra.
At a small distance from the Temple, there is another small Temple of Devi Sateri which is also surrounded by the plantation of mango tree and a small lake near by which add charm to the natural beauty of the Temple.


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