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 In the history of cuisines, Konkani Cuisine is one the most delicious cuisines you could come across in India. Konakani cuisine is unique in the sense that it contains foods that are not commercially consumed. Perhaps this can be explained on the basis of the culture of the people who consume it. One difference between Konkani cuisine and other Indian cuisine is that Konkani cuisine tends to contain few elements that are not widely popular. This is refers to the fact that some Konkani dishes include meats, such as pork, that are not really acceptable to people of other religions. The reason for this is the fact that it is profane according to their religion. Therefore, dishes that contain these meats are not consumed widely. However, Konkani cuisine is still appreciated for what all it offers though some dishes are almost always excluded.
 Konkani food traditionally and historically tends to have a lot of seafood in addition to Indian based seasonings. The use of coconut in food is also popular, giving Konkani cuisine a characteristic taste.
Trying Konkani cuisine is said to be an adventure in itself, as there is much to explore. Over the years, Konkani cuisine has carried down its traditional foods. However, it has also managed to attain newer dishes as well due to creativity and experimentation.
Though seafood has been popular in Konkani cuisine, there are other foods used, such beef, mutton and chicken. Rice also has been traditionally or historically used in Konkani cuisine as well. In addition the main course meals that would have a variety of fish, meat, chicken, and rice-based dishes, there are other integral portions such as desserts, beverages and appetizers that are included in Konkani cuisine. Indeed, those who try Konkani cuisine will know that through its history it has managed to encompass a wide range of foods in the region.
 Konkani cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in India. It has perhaps the most unique of all dishes, with a variety of them being cooked from coconut, fish and vegetables. A combination of these is sometimes used in order to produce unique dishes, and certainly, Konkani cuisine does have unique dishes.


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