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After onset of rainy season tourists like to see waterfalls. Nature has given everything with a free hand to Sindhudurg.

Given below are some of the waterfalls in Sindhudurg District as tourist places of interest

Amboli : 1 km from Amboli, the falls is well known for its fresh and pleasing environs.

Napne : 15 km from Vaibhavwadi. Located at Sherpe village in Vaibhavwadi Taluka this waterfall is known as Swimmers delight. A swim in its cool pool is very safe and refreshing. Here one can easily explore the secret of cascading water by reaching close to the spot from where water emerges from the top in the form of bubbles through hard and compact rocks. The area around the waterfall is also a natural habitat for the rare species of birds, specially for the Hornbills.

Vyagreshwar : 30 km from Tarale(which is on Mumbai-Goa highway). From Vyagreshwar temple there is a track to go to the waterfall. One has to go on foot to reach there. To get the majestic scene of the waterfall, it is necessary to walk carefully because the path is very narrow. If it is not possible to reach descending water one can take pleasure of bathing in the water of naturally formed Kund but courageous youths can’t control themselves from going beneath the fall. Though the way is slippery and one has to be very careful, it is indescribable thrilling experience.

Savdav : 10 km from Kankavali town. This is monsoon waterfall. This is very attractive. It is very safe & seasonal tourist spot.

Nagartas : 50 km from Kankavli town, in the amboli ghat or 100km from Kolhapur. For waterfall lovers this roaring beauty is just 9 kms. away. When you arrive at this fall walk cautiously at the edge of the drop off. Stand on the erected platform for viewers and let your eyes follow the sound of falling water into the cavity.


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