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 The ritual of Bhondla is exclusively ladies celebration that brings an enthusiastic wave among all age groups of women. Everyone gets ready in their festive nine yard sarees, Nath (Nose stud), colourful matching bangles and lots of ornaments including necklaces, armlets and fragrant Gajra on their hair during these days.

Bhondla starts from the first day of Navaratri and it is celebrated till Kojagiri Pournima. Like other Indian festivals Bhondla is connected to the nature and is celebrated after the rains of Hasta Nakshatra that bring good crops. In a way it's a thanks giving ritual to the nature which blesses mankind with prosperity.
A picture of elephant is places in the centre and garland of vegetables and flowers is offered to him. After the ritual of worshipping the deities .Bhondla commences with the prayer song of Ganesha 'Ailama Pailama Ganesh Deva'.

In recent years NGOs in cities organise ladies Maha-Bhondla for all age groups and distribute attractive prizes for their dressing and dance skills. It has become hot favorite among ladies and on the Bhondla evening everyone rushes to the open ground where Bhondla is arranged.
Ladies of all age groups come together and heartily sing, play and try out dance steps on the beats of Bhondla songs. Peppy songs like :

*      Ailamma Pailamma,
 are very popular till date. Sometimes Bhondla songs are playful and naughty.
 The origin of Bhodla lies in the old customs when girls used to get married in young age. They had to work hard and lead a life restricted with customs and religious restrictions. The fortnight duration Bhondla was the only relief in their life where the young girl could freely play, dance and sing with other girls of her age. In Bhondla songs one can find her expressions about her mother in law, sister in law and husband.


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