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Bharadi Devi(Goddess) is one goddess one just can't think of missing when one is in Malvan. This is the famous “Active Goddess” situated at Anganewadi, 14 kms from Malvan. Angnewadi is the small hamlet of Masure village. The Bharadi devi (goddess) is very famous for her wish-fulfilling power. Devotees express their wish before her and once the wish is fulfilled they come to express their gratitude.

The highlight of Angnewadi is an annual fair [some time in February, the date is declared after getting approval from the goddess] which is attended by lacs of devotees. The villagers of Angnewadi have deep faith in ‘Bharadi Devi’ and they obey her wishes. This small hamlet completely abstains from alcohol consumption. It's strictly forbidden in this hamlet. With spreading of the wish–fulfilling of the powers of this goddess, the goddess has many political leaders amongst her devotees. All these faithful devotees throng to the annual fair. Many public transportation buses, passenger vehicles ply from Malvan and Kankavli to Angnewadi. One can visit Angnewadi and come back to Malvan within 2 hours.
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ajit said...

Very good info. Can you pl add more details about Jatra, no of peoples visiting, travel details etc. Also, it would be nice if you can put higher resolution photo of "Bharadi Mata".

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