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Sindhudurg District

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Origin of name
The district is named after the fort of Sindhudurg (which means "fort in the sea"), which lies on a rocky island just off the coast of Malvan (मालवण).
The people of Sindhudurg District mostly speak a distinct Konkani dialect Malvani, though Marathi, Konkani, Hindi and English are also spoken and understand by majority of population. Cities in the district include Sawantwadi, Kudal, Oros, Kankavali, Devgad, Vengurla andMalvan.. Smaller towns include Nerur, Katta, Haddi, Masure, Aangnewadi Kalse, Parule, Banda and the hill resort of Amboli.
The cuisine of the district is popularly known as Malvani cuisine. Coconut, Rice and fish assume prime significance in the Malavani cuisine. Seafood containing fish, especially Bangada (Soloman) Paplet (Pomfret), Prawns, Bombil (Bombay Duck) and Tisrya (Shell) is very popular. "Kombdi Vade", a chicken savoury, is the most popular dish here. Others include Ukadya Tandulachi Pej - a semi-fluid boiled preparation made of brown-red rice variety) and Sol Kadhi -A preparation made of Sol (kokum) and coconut milk. Dry fish is also a local delicacy like "Golmo" (dried prawns).
Mango is a major factor to the life of Sindhudurg. Varieties of Alphonso Mango from Devgad are particularly popular. Other varieties of mango: Mankur, Pāyari and Karel used for preparing Mango Pickle) are also popular for their distinct taste.
The Malvani cuisine also has many vegetarian dishes, including garyache sandan, pickle of karmal, bimble, amba halad, karadichi bhakri, kanyacha sanja, appe, ghavan, dalimichi usual, and kaju usual.


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