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Travelling tells us about cultures of different people living at different places. It also breaks the monotonous routine of daily lives and fills our lives with new energy. Traveling with small children can be exciting and rewarding, but it is also challenging and tiring. When we go for travel with children safety regulations and practices are very vital. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children’s safety, whom should be especially cared. While travelling with children, an additional safety measures need to be taken.

Children are very sensitive and are prone to many diseases. If proper care and arrangements are not made for them, then you are the one who would be responsible for their diseases and infections. On longer trips, remember to take a break every few hours. This helps children to burn off some energy. It is must to carry with you the basic first aid kit while traveling with children. If you are not well planned and prepared then this would create an uncomfortable situation for you and to your baby. It is best to note down the important contact numbers around the place you are residing which would help you during emergencies. Being prepared is the wise and best method to avoid accidents. Traveling is boring for children since it restricts their activities around their seats. It is best to have some toys with you to keep your children busy in their activities.

Before moving out on your holiday remind your children about how to deal with strangers, what to do if they get lost. Always keep a recent photo of children handy which is essential in case of emergency. It is wise to have photocopy of passports kept in a safe place. Always Dress your children in bright colors which makes them readily visible. It is best to teach children about road safety rules and hold the hands of your children while crossing the road. Make sure that your children know your home address and telephone number. It is also wise to provide them an ID card with the name and telephone number of yours, relative or friend to contact during emergencies.

Never leave your children alone in car or anywhere. While travelling by air make sure whether they are secured by seat belts. Children always like to play at beach .Its really a great treat on hot day. Swimming is filled with lot of fun, at the same time it’s a real menace for children. When you get into the beach it is must to check the lifeguard and make sure how strong the waves are. Children are our most precious gifts hence it is important to be vigilant when traveling with children. It is our responsibility to keep them safe at all the times.


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